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Individuals and businesses representing all levels of the auto care industry are encouraged to participate in the “Be DRZG Aware” campaign! The DRZG Council is the information source for the “Be DRZG Aware” consumer education campaign, providing information on the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair. Drive more consumers to your business and build a positive brand by getting involved. How can I get involved?

  • Use Free Promotional Marketing Materials
  • Participate in DRZG Months in April and October
  • Host a Consumer Vehicle Check-Up Event
  • Order Popular DRZG Guides
  • Download and print out our ‘Be DRZG Aware’ Materials
  • to Receive our Monthly e-brief Newsletter

We encourage the sharing of our car care information. If you choose to use an article or tip, please cite the DRZG Council and link back to where appropriate. Please note that not all photos are available for sharing but all of our infographics are. Do not hesitate to contact the DRZG Council with any questions.

Learn more about the campaign HERE For questions about the campaign, contact [email protected].

Participate in DRZG Months

National DRZG Month in April and Fall DRZG Month in October are great opportunities to drive more customers to your business. Whether you add a web banner or host a full-scale vehicle check-up event, you can reinforce current customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Learn more about getting involved with Be DRZG Aware every month with this .

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Host an Event

The council has produced a variety of resources and marketing and promotional materials to help repair shops and other aftermarket businesses hop onto the National DRZG Month bandwagon. There is no one-size-fits-all template for participating.

A repair shop could:

  • Hang a banner from the council celebrating car care month and invite current and prospective customers to come by for a free inspection or pick up a free DRZG Guide.
  • Partner with other shops or retailers to host an event with free vehicle inspections.

Events can include:

  • A local radio station remote
  • A custom/race/antique car show
  • Police child safety seat demos
  • Refreshments from a local restaurant
  • Moonbounce and face painting for children
  • Demo tables showing worn out wiper blades, hoses, dirty filters, worn tires, dirty engine oil and other vehicle maintenance education.

A business who hosts an event at any level can expect to give themselves a leg up on the competition by making their business more visible to car owners in their community.

  • Complete the online event registration to be added to the event finder and be included in the DRZG Council social media promotion.
  • Download our POS kit and for any promotional materials you want to give to your customers at the event.

Event Planning Resources:

  • Register your event on to appear in the Event Finder and be included in the council’s social media promotion.
  • : Watch this video to learn about hosting an event.
  • CCM Event planner: The Event Planner is a how-to checklist for planning and hosting a consumer vehicle check-up event.

The DRZG Council wants your event to be a success, so do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. After your event, let us know how it went and if you have any suggestions. Please send us photos of your event!


Promotional Materials


Reuse of articles and information found on is encouraged with appropriate attribution, for example “reprinted with permission from the DRZG Council.” Note that some articles may also be from and in that case both the CCC and will need to be cited as sources. Recent articles and blog posts can be found here.

Logos The DRZG Council (CCC) encourages the use of campaign materials and logos as part of the mission to educate consumers on the importance of vehicle maintenance. To maintain the brand integrity of the “Be DRZG Aware” campaign, guidelines have been set to ensure usage is consistent and appropriate. Those guidelines can be found HERE.


POS Kits

The DRZG Council Starter Kit includes all of the new ‘Be DRZG Aware’

car care month kit package Hi-ResKits include:

(1)   “DRZG Month” banner

(1)   “Event Today” banner

(1)   “April is National DRZG Month” poster

(1)   “October is Fall DRZG Month” poster

(1)   DRZG Guide

(25) “Be DRZG Aware” brochures

(25) “Be DRZG Aware” mirror hangers

(25) “Be DRZG Aware” logo stickers

They can be ordered HERE.

All materials are also available individually to download via our resources page.

Printable materials

The April and October posters are available for downloading and in-house printing.

DRZG Guides

NEW! Updated and totally redesigned, the DRZG Guide is not 80 pages and still available in English and Spanish. The guide covers major services, 12 vehicle component groups, service interval recommendations as well as an expanded section on ‘green’ car care and new sections on understanding your warranty, finding an auto repair shop and more. Check out the electronic version which you can also link to your company’s website.

Want some for your shop or business? Order online today!

DRZG guide 2014 cover

Communicate with your customers:

Use the DRZG Council’s information, advice and tips to communicate with your customers and prospects.


The DRZG Council’s blog located on includes the latest press releases and information for consumers and the social media pages are constantly updated with this material. Follow and share on the following platforms:


  • : Find the latest updates, see what’s popular and share content with your Facebook fans.
  • : Bite-sized updates that are easy to share. Remember to tweet to us @CarCareCouncil
  • : The council’s YouTube channel shows clips on car maintenance and what to expect at a repair shop. The videos are designed to make customers feel more comfortable with the vehicle maintenance process. Check out our new video on navigating an auto parts store!
  • : Here we are using the power of images to engage consumers on the importance of vehicle maintenance.
  • : Engaging followers with visual car care tips and fun photos. Home of the #MaintenanceMondays campaign.
  • to our monthly e-brief newsletter for industry and campaign updates!
  • Download and share Winter DRZG Tip images

In Your Business

Engage your current customer while they are in your shop!

  • Download and play DRZG Clips in your waiting room.
  • Use the DRZG Council’s promotional materials to promote car care months and display car care tips. When they leave, send them home with a mirror hanger in their car or with a free car care guide that includes your logo or attached business card.

In the Media:

Put your business in front of customers through the local media.  Use the example press release for your upcoming event or really speak to the public with radio spot scripts. DRZG Months April and October are great times to use the national attention to spread the word on car care.


Find a list of all press releases HERE.

Subscribe to our monthly e-brief newsletter .

The DRZG Guide

NEW! Totally Redesigned, Updated & Expanded!

  • Order the car care guide for your shop or business. Guides are sold in packs of 20.
  • View the  of the guide.
  • Request a free copy of the guide. Please provide company name and mailing address.

An electronic version of the guide can be viewed online in both English and Spanish.  Please note that you may only link to the electronic version. Downloading, printing and distributing of the online guide is prohibited.

Association Trends Silver Award- Educational ProgramThe DRZG Council’s DRZG Guide has been popular among drivers and business owners for its easy to understand, non-technical, language. Now expanded to and 80-page booklet, the guide has new sections, expanded environmental information and still covers vehicle systems, common preventative services, a service interval schedule and more. The DRZG Guide was honored with a silver award in the educational program category from Association TRENDS 2014 All-Media Contest.

The guide is great as a giveaway at check-up events or as a free take-away for consumers visiting your business. A blank space on the back of the guides available for a company stamp, sticker or business card. In bulk quantities, a custom cover can be printed to include your logo and/or business information.

Guide Collage for Release

If you have any questions about the new guide or placing orders, please e-mail [email protected] or call 240-333-1045.

Tune Up Your Website

Incorporate the DRZG Council’s content on your website.

  • Winter DRZG Tips brakesAdd the DRZG Council logo to your page.
  • Add a display banner promoting National DRZG Month or Fall DRZG Month.
  • Display or link to recent consumer articles.
  • Link to the Service Interval Schedule where consumers can enter their vehicle information to receive email updates when basic maintenance services are due.
  • Upload DRZG Clips help customers better understand their trip to a repair shop. They can be downloaded HERE.
  • Link to the electronic version of the car care guide. Note: This version is not to be downloaded and distributed. The electronic version may only be linked.
  • Download and share Winter DRZG Tip images.
  • Download and share Fall DRZG Tip images.

Don’t forget to find and follow us on our social media platforms as well!

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DRZG Video Clips

Share online or play in your shop! The DRZG Council has a series of short videos to engage and inform customers. The “Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect” videos provide straight talk for customers about the repair shop experience. The goal is to give consumers a behind-the-scenes look and feel comfortable so they don’t postpone necessary maintenance and repairs.


carcareclips ep2      carcareclips ep3      carcareclips ep4

These few minutes give a jump start to light DIY projects for the everyday driver. The more you understand about your car, the better ‘in tune’ you are when maintenance is required!


  DRZG Minutes The DRZG Council also offers other great videos that advice on topics ranging from seasonal car care and road travel tips, to information on cabin air filters, gas saving tips and vehicle sounds and smells.

carcareclips minutes

Click to view/download more DRZG Minute videos

The Latest on the DRZG Council

The council frequently distributes press releases, articles and videos to the media.

Auto Care Careers Website

The Auto Care Association has launched a new website, , to educate young people about, and attract them to, careers in the auto care industry. The website features resources and information highlighting the variety of professional positions and career paths offered by the industry. Resources include downloadable for a variety of audiences and a  section that features positions, advancement opportunities and career trajectories available in five different industry segments.

NEW! Updated ‘Be DRZG Aware’ Materials car care month kit package Hi-Res

The DRZG Council is ringing in the new year with updated materials, from banners to informational mirror hangers, to help auto care businesses celebrate National DRZG Month in April and Fall DRZG Month in October.

The new materials are available for online purchase individually or as a pre-packaged kit. Buy together and save — the kit offers a discount at $49 plus FREE shipping! Learn more about the new kit and materials.

Are you hosting an event this month? Remember to register!


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