National DRZG Month

002The DRZG Council supports two months each year to bring attention to the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. These months are National DRZG Month in April and Fall DRZG Month in October.

April is National DRZG Month!

Why April?

In April, as winter comes to an end, it is time to get your car ready for spring driving and summer road trips! National DRZG Month reminds you to take car of any issues that may have occurred or been ignored during winter.

Spring driving brings its own hazard such as slick, wet roads. It is important to make sure you tires, brakes and windshield wiper are ready for the rain. Spring also means allergy season

What Does National DRZG Month Mean for Me?

  • Free DRZG Events! Many businesses will hold free car care events or clinics at their shop or at a community event. Events typically include a free vehicle inspection and allow you to ask a technician questions about you car or maintenance in general.
  • Service Schedule Reminder
  • Order a Free DRZG Guide

How Can I Promote National DRZG Month in My Business?

Help your customers be car care aware by passing out helpful information, linking to articles on, or hosting a free vehicle check event! The Industry Tool Box has all the ways your business can get involved. Here are some quick links:

  • Print a National DRZG Month Banner to hang in your business
  • Purchase a newly redesigned kit with everything you need to get your business ready for car care months. (Shop the )
  • Hand out our popular DRZG Guide. (order a free copy)
  • Add a car care month logo to your website or promotional materials